• Ø The Medsonix Therapy System utilizes a piezo-electric effect by generating, through the use of electricity. Part of the system is submerged in a self-contained unit filled with an aqueous solution that is connected to the Medsonix Control Unit which operates the range of patented low frequencies at specified cycle rates.
  • Ø Through this process, electrical energy is converted into acoustic energy that emits a low frequency acoustic waveform which permeates the body and causes a natural healing process to take place.  This acoustic waveform is generated effectively in an Omni-directional beam pattern (360⁰) which means that up to six people can treat during one therapy session.  The result of the low frequency acoustic energy waveform is like tuning fork which creates a sound wave that permeates the body naturally and allows a natural healing process to take place.
  • Ø Medsonix clients simply sit, relax and absorb the low frequency acoustic pressure waves generated by the Medsonix Therapy System.  The majority of treatments are scheduled for thirty (30) minute increments.  No preparation time is necessary and clients have no need to disrobe.  This therapeutic procedure is safe, pain free, completely non-invasive, and non-pharmaceutical. As of this date, the acoustic waveform generated by the MTS does not interfere with  pacemaker, pain-pump, or other implanted or electrical devices.


Mr. Alphonse “AL” Cassone has over a decade of successful entrepreneurial endeavors prior to Medsonix. He served as a Plant Manager and Chief Transducer designer for a Military subcontractor who developed technology for anti-submarine warfare applications. His primary duties included acoustic engineering, general management, and production and oversight responsibilities in the production of piezo-electric products. His years of hands on work in this field provided valuable experience and insight into manufacturing detail, logistics and liaison between government and industry.

Mr. Cassone began work in the field of acoustic energy in the ’80s for the oil division of Piezo-Sona Tool Corporation in Santa Barbara, California. While there, he worked and experimented with how acoustics could be used to gravel pack oil well casings to greatly improve production. In 1986, Alphonse Cassone was named Chief Transducer Designer and Plant Manager of the acoustic division of the company.

In the mid ‘90s he moved his family to Las Vegas and worked with a mining company who had approached Cassone to see if he could discover an inexpensive method to separate gold from “black sand” (the left-over shale after the gold is mined). Cassone agreed and set out testing the application of low frequency acoustic energy produced by the Cassone Transducer to fracture the sand particles for separation.  He was provided a sample of the “black sand” by an elderly gold miner who witnessed the test phases of the study.  Shortly after the Cassone Transducer testing had begun, the elderly miner claimed to experience a “warm, tingling sensation” in his legs while standing in close proximity to the active research.  Cassone laughingly told the elderly gold miner to stand on the other side of the room if he was concerned about the tingling sensation. The miner, curious about Cassone’s research and the tingling sensation, opted to remain close to observe the on-going testing.   After a few days, the elderly miner, or “Mr. Tingles” as Cassone now nicknamed him, approached Cassone in a hurried manner.  The miner (Mr. Tingles) claimed he suffered from arterial sclerosis (loss of elasticity and thickening of the arteries) for several years however, he was now able to walk without pain.  Cassone simply laughed the comments away and later joked about Mr. Tingles to his brother.


The birth of the Medsonix Therapy System (previously called the Cassone Transducer) began as many scientific laboratories begin:  Mr. Cassone dragged a garbage can filled with water to the center of his garage, unplugged his wife’s freezer to plug in the Cassone Transducer, and surrounded it with folding lawn chairs.  His lab was ready.

There are only 2 criterias to qualify as a testing subject.

1) They had to have pain; and 2) they had to be willing to come to a makeshift

scientific laboratory located in his garage.

Cassone began his research and recorded his findings… in short, it worked.  In 1999, after years

of conducting research, Mr. Cassone opened the first  Medsonix Center with the help of several

other investors.

In 2000,  Cassone and  the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) School of

Nursing and Physical Therapy conducted a study of the Medsonix Therapy

System, a newly discovered alternative method of healing.  The study tested 21

adults and found that “the use of acoustic energy as a form of therapy may improve

range of motion and decrease pain” for Arthritis and Peripheral Vascular Disease

(PVD) patients and was published in an international medical journal.

It has been a long journey to present, but Mr. Cassone has secured three medical patents issued by the United States Patent Office for the Medsonix Therapy System (MTS):  (1) Circulatory Disorders (2) Inflammatory Musculoskeletal Connective Tissue Disorder and (3) A Method for Treating Certain Blood Manifested Medical Disorders (diabetes and anemia. In addition to the patents, the Medsonix Therapy System has been cleared as a Class One medical device by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Mr. Cassone has continued his research & development and further refined the Medsonix Therapy System and to date, has successfully treated thousands of clients afflicted by a wide variety of ailments, disorders, conditions and diseases.  He has trail blazed a new frontier into modern medicine with his innovative technology and will be forever thankful to Mr. Tingles.

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