WRITER Charisse Trinidad

It just keeps on getting better and better for Farewell Fair Weather since the day they came home with the Jack Daniel’s “Chosen One” title two years ago. In an instant, they managed to land a desirable position at the Music Matters Live in Singapore, sign an outstanding recording contract with Jack Daniel’s Philippines, and headline local music festivals. Their two singles “Rough Skies” and “Beyond” were certified alt-radio hits, peaking inside the top 10 of Jam 88.3 Countdown.

Within a twelve-month period, Farewell Fair Weather gets all independent music lovers waiting in excitement as they launch the music video of their latest single “Sakali” the Saturday of March 12 at 70’s Bistro, Quezon City. “Sakali,” a piece up your broken heart track is known for its intense, deeply felt vocal performance and enchanting infectious melody, gets a visual acquisition in the hands of Melvin Dantes, the same director that put together “Rough Skies.” The idea of making it a CGI music video came from Mr. Dantes himself, but the story is a collaboration between the band and the director.

“The music video focuses towards remembering what was forgotten: the most striking moments in life that play on emotions,” vocalist Mic Manalo shares about her visualization. “It’s like forgetting your lover’s name but knowing the love is there because you see the hope in their eyes.”

The music video launch was an extremely wicked night of music and visuals as Farewell Fair Weather brings their top game performance with the help of their musician-friends Autotelic, Sud and Tom’s Story. “One of the unique features for the night is none other than the un-cut, 7 minute music video. “We are selling new band merchandise which can also be pre-ordered.” Mic said.

The “Sakali” music video launch was made possible by Jack Daniel’s Philippines, eo+, Teamworks Studios, Docdef Productions, JB Music and 70s Bistro.

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