25 and determined to take over the world, Nick Ferrer has come back to his roots to share his passion for good music with his Filipino fans. Charisse Trinidad gets an exclusive interview with Nick—his personal life, his love for performing live, and his  euphonic journey all over the world.

SKAM Artist DJ Nick Ferrer has decided to come back to his home country to fulfill his duties in influencing many with his talented skills in mixing. Born and raised in the United States, he is currently residing in Los Angeles, California. His passion in spinning records started back in the year 2008. With his given talent he has made himself well known throughout the world. One of his main goals is to make sure that people of different ethnicities will not only appreciate his music but to fall more deeply in love with the rhythm of sound.

As a young entrepreneur and live performer, he makes it possible that he won’t leave a country without hearing a crowd scream for more of his live sets. The energy and time he puts into his work is more than just a way of living—it means a great deal and dedication for Nick Ferrer.

He started off as an intern for LA’s biggest Hip Hop station, Power 106. Ever since he has been given that opportunity, hottest DJs throughout Hollywood and Southern California have offered him opening acts, for they have seen a great potential in his skill and art of spinning live.  Performing live is something that comes naturally to him so why not take the offer?

There are many reasons why he has decided to make the art of mixing and performing live as a part of his life: passion and having fun are just a few of those reasons. Personally, he feels as if passion and enjoying his time doing what he loves go hand and hand in his career. Through his eyes, it is a perfect combination.  Without the love for his job it would never be as fun filled as it is today.

DJ Nick Ferrer has grabbed many influences throughout his lifetime to get him to where he currently is. Those influences would be the radio, fashion, and culture. Without these three things it wouldn’t have given him a large impact within the music industry. He is very open for suggestions on what are the hottest hits of the season. Although Hip-Hop is a huge influence towards his music there is no specific genre that he takes on, for he enjoys mixing anything that catches the ears of his listeners.

Nick Ferrer has performed live with many talented DJs but he has also encountered Filipino mixers who have the same passion as his. Most of his colleagues in the US are Filipino and definitely share the same interest. They often get together and talk about the hottest hits as well as music in general. Continuing his passion is something he would consider as just the beginning for him. He is only at the age of 25 and is definite that he won’t give an exact date or cut off time because as said by DJ Nick himself, he has just “started.”

Given the chance of just recently starting his career, he believes that it will give him plenty of business adventures and open up more doors in the future. Besides spinning, Ferrer is making sure he could pass down his experiences and teachings by investing his time on a different artist as another option. This will help him show others that he just wants to get as much influence and impact on young upcoming DJs like him to be as well developed and inspired. His open-minded share of passion is what gives him a unique aura. There is nothing wrong with sharing thoughts and experiences to others who are in need of advice.

Grabbing the attention of the crowd is not a hard task to do when it comes to Nick. His energy in performing live is beyond the limit. Standing in one place is something he does not prefer to do. He makes sure that he gives them his 100 percent undivided attention to all of the listeners so that they know what they’re in for. There also came a time during one of his live performances where he ended up crowd surfing and stage diving during his set. You’ll be lucky enough to experience this if the event ends up being one crazy, spectacular night.

Nick Ferrer had his very first gig at the age of 19. A good friend of his gave him a shot as an opening for his set. In the US to be admitted in a club you would have to be at the legal age of 21, so once he finished his set he had to leave right away. It was a great and extraordinary experience for him to be given that opportunity and it was just the beginning of many more performances in his life. Knowing that local celebrities and basketball players were there to watch him spin during his first ever live set made him very nervous. It started from 9 and ended at 12 midnight.

Ever since that night it impacted him in a way where it inspired him to go forth and make more dreams into actual reality. It gave him practice, skill, and confidence in himself throughout his career. He felt as if it made him more presentable when he performed. The more he mixed live, the more it gave him the courage to improve and be comfortable in his own skin. It pushed him to strive to become better.

As a child Nick Ferrer was already quite influenced and surrounded by music. His family members were very musically inclined. Most of them played the guitar and some even played the piano. Having a set of turntables as a child pushed him forward to having an idea of his experiences with spinning records today. At the age of 11 he has recalled sneaking into the room that held the turntables and playing around with them. That was when he realized and knew that this was something that just came naturally to him.

Ferrer’s plans on coming back to the Philippines are indecisive as of now but he is sure that he would love to make this his second home.

“I wasn’t born here, but I take a lot of pride on being a Filipino-American,” shares Nick. Feeling comfortable and a sense of belongingness are some of the reasons why he loves being in the Philippines. “Everyone just seems so happy”

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